How to add sender email addresses in Spread Email Marketing System?

Maybe you hope to show different clients different send email addresses due to large amount of clients, now we will guide you to add different sender email addresses which can be chosen when send campaign, here is how:

Login to your Spread account, click "Add Sender Emails" under "My Account", then you will see the interface below as shown, type in the email addresses you hope to add, one address each line only.

You have to notice that only sender emails here, you mustn't type in your contacts' addresses here!

Click "Send Varification Email" when finish typing. We cancelled the Varified function for your convenience, so you don't have to wait for the varification email. Addresses successfully added will be shown as below.


Where to select sender email address?

select sender email address
When editing your campaign, you will find that "Display Name" field is integrated with 2 parts, one is the name of yourself or your company, the other is your email address. Click the email address options to switch the right email address.

The tutorial is not for Adding Contacts, Click Here to check how to add contacts.