Introducing Spread New Feature and User Handbook:

Behavioral Analytics Function - Search by Device, Opened, Clicked and more

Maybe you'd like to know who has read your email on mobile devices;
OR you want to find out what browsers they used to open your emails;
or EVEN you want to know how many times a user opened or clicked your emails.
Spread Behavioral Analytics Function Could Help!

Why Behavioral Analytics Function is needed?

Let's see some figures before going on: nearly 40% users who read your email on smartphone world wide! Some Hong Kong Spread users reported near 35% smartphone users, much higher than average of 25% in HK. Smartphone users show that they have buying power because of the cost of the device ranged from HKD2000 to HKD5000. You could provide different offers for this group of customers.

What's more you might find that the mobile traffic converts at a higher rate and that the average value of mobile transactions is higher than computer traffic. In this case, a site devoted exclusively to mobile platforms (streamlined content, simpler navigation) might futher encourage transactions via smart phones.

Introduction of Behavioral Analytics Function

Behavioral Analytics Function is designed for you to filter contacts locations and devices they used when they read your emails, you also could filter by open count, click count, last opened, last clicked. Precise marketing can be successful only when you know more about your customers.

How to use Behavioral Analytics Function?

Log in your Spread Email Marketing account, click "Contacts" and select a group you'd like to filter.Then you can filter in "Filter Values" by the conditions you want.


For exapmle, choose Behavior:Country or Behavior:City if you want to know the locations of your contacts where they opened your emails; After that, select different conditions as shown, say Contains, Not contains. At last lolumn, Spread will list all existed city from the contact list.


If you'd like to check "with which devices or browsers or even languages the contacts read your email", then choose Behavior:Device, Behavior:Browsers, Behavior: Browser Language,the system will list all devices or browsers or even browser languages the contact list contain.



Or if you'd like to search by opened count,clicked count,you could select Behavior:Opened Count, Behavior:Clicked Count, Behavior:Last Opened, Behavior:Last Clicked. Take Behavior:Last Opened for an example:select a filter condition in the middle column, and enter a count you'd like to view in the last column.


The Usage of“Copy To A List”.

You must notice there is a "Copy to a list"button beside the "Search"button, the button is designed for move the filtered contact to another contact list.
Copy to a list
You will see content below when click "Copy to a list".
Now you can copy the filtered contacts to an existed list or a new one.

Besides, you may also check every details of your contacts who has read your emails.

How? Log in Spread Email Marketing System, click "Emails/SMS",then click "Unique Opened" of email you'd like to analyze, then you will come to the page below. The location, device will all shown in the report.

check report

If the fields you'd like to check are not shown above,you still can click "Feilds Filter" on the right and tick the fields you want, then click "Filter".

Fields Filter

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