What Is Whitelist?

A white list is a list of e-mail addresses or domains that you want to receive e-mails from. By adding an address or domain to your white list, you are telling the e-mail system not to filter e-mail from that address or domain. We care about you and want you to be able to receive our important announcements and news! Follow the instructions in the right panel to add us to your whitelist so we can make certain our E-mails are not thrown out by your E-mail system before they reach you!

The term "Spam" usually refers to unsolicited commercial E-mails. Sometimes the term UCE is also used to mean the same thing. SPAM has become a major problem on the Internet today. In an effort to reduce the massive number of unwanted E-mails being sent today, most E-mail services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have implemented SPAM blocking or filtering systems (often both). They also now rely on "blacklists" (lists of known sources of SPAM E-mail), to help separate wanted E-mail from unwanted SPAM.

(Note: Here at Reasonable Software Inc., we agree that SPAM is a major concern, and you can rest assured that we follow a strict no-SPAM policy. We only send our communications to those who "opt-in" for our services and want to hear from us via E-mail on a regular basis.)

Although we only send E-mails to those who have opted in to our services, it's important to note that the current SPAM blocking systems are far from perfect. They often block E-mail that you've requested because it fits their definition of "SPAM," whether you wanted to receive the E-mail or not!

Different E-mail services and ISPs often have completely different definitions of exactly what constitutes SPAM. For example, some services block E-mails that are too large, or they will automatically refuse E-mails that contain a large number of characters or undesirable words. This has become a major problem for some of our subscribers.

I have good news! You can follow a couple of simple steps and make absolutely certain all of your Reasonable Spread subscription E-mails and newsletters don't fall victim to an overzealous SPAM filters. The trick is you have to fight the blacklists with a "white-list." White listing ensures you that future E-mail delivery is not interrupted, so we strongly urge you to add our E-mail address to your white-list now. (See instructions in the right panel on how to white list for the more popular free services out there.)

Just follow the instructions we've provided on the right panel. Please note that every E-mail system is different, so you'll need to choose the appropriate E-mail system from the list we've provided. If your E-mail service isn't listed, then by all means contact your ISP's customer service representatives and ask for further instructions on white listing an E-mail address.