About Uploading Contacts

1.Why I failed to upload contacts?

Maybe: you forgot to add a new group or select an existing group to store your new contacts;
OR: the contact template you used is not recognized by our system;
OR: you have changed the header of the contact template;
OR: there are more than 1 contacts in each cell;
OR: there is an empty cell in between rows;
OR: your contacts were saved in another excel tab page;
OR: you met a time out error;
OR: you have reached the upload limit;
OR: there are spaces in front of or after your email address;
OR: you have typo, e.g. info@domain..com , info2domain.con.

upload failure

2. I have 1000 contacts in my Excel file, but why only 500 of them were uploaded successfully?

Maybe some of the 1000 contacts have unsubscribed your emails or marked your emails as SPAM or undelivered,etc.
You will see information below if you've upload successfully.

upload report

If you think the figures are incorrect, you may go to “Contacts” page> click “All Contacts” > Under “Contact’s Status”, choose each status to check.

contact's status

3. Why the number of the contacts keeps showing "0" although I've informed by system that I have uploaded 1000 contacts successfully?

Because the system is updating your files and you could check it later.You may send eDM to this contact list at this status. Usually, the system will need about 1 hour for updating.

update number is 0

4. Where can I download the upload template?

Please click here to download the upload template in .xls format.

5. What's the correct format of telephone number? What if there is an area code in it? And what if there is an extension in it?

Take phone numbers of Reasonable Software's as an example:
+85235904869 / +852 3590 4869 / (852)35904869 / +8675525933873 /+86 755 2593 3873 /+852 35904869 x123

How to upload contacts list? Please Click Here