How to Add a Subscription Form to Your Website

To do email marketing, you need an email list. The free and easiest way to get people on that list is putting a subscription form onto your website to get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. A permission-based or opt-in mailing list you built yourself always brings better results than a rented or purchased list.

Benefits of putting a subscription form onto your website:

  • Build and grow your permission based email lists;
  • Improve your response rate in email marketing;
  • Help to convert interested website visitors into paying customers;
  • Increase your email mailing list quality;
  • Improve your sender reputation and optimize email deliverability;
  • Reduce spam reports of your email marketing.

How to generate subscription form code?

Learn how to use Spread email marketing platform to generate and create subscription form for your website visitors to sign up for email newsletters.

Step 1: Click here to login your Spread account.

Step 2: Navigate to Contacts > Get sign up form code, and click "Click here to Get Code" link.

Newsletter Subscription Box

Step 3: Select a contact list for storing the subscription addresses.

Select A Specific Contact List

Step 4: Enter the redirect link, where the contacts will go to after subscription process completed.

Set Return Link

Step 5: Click "Get Code" button to generate subscription form code.

Get Subscription Form Code

Step 6: Copy and Paste these codes to your website.

You can edit the code to make it best fit your website. Following is an example of the subscription form:

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Where to place the subscription form on your website?

You need to place your signup form where it can be easily found. Imagine yourself browsing numerous website pages searching where that cherished form may be hiding. Many people will simply give up and go away to your competitor’s website. Hence, you lose subscribers and potential buyers. Below is the 3 high-converting places for email subscription forms.

#1 Top Right of Sidebar

The top right of your sidebar is one of the most visible places on your site. So, it makes sense to include an email sign-up form there.

#2 After Entire Article

If people read an entire article on your site, they often look for what they can do next.
Think about it. You just got people to read an entire article on your site. They’re feeling great about you and your content. What better time to ask for an email?

#3 The Footer

Again, like with After Entire, if people make it to your footer, they’re feeling good about you and your content. That’s why Footer email sign-up forms work so well.