How to add image map with Spread Email Marketing System?

Have you read emails with hyperlinks on their graphics? When you click the graphic, it will redirected to another webpage- weibsite default,  product information page, or maybe register page. To add a hyperlink on to an image area is called add image map and it is an easy way to market your products or website.

Now you can use this Add Image Map function with Spread Email Marketing system, here is how:


1. Click your image once to select it. Then click “Image Map Editor” button (at the bottom right on tool bar)

2. A window shall pop out. Click “New Area” button. A tiny black square box shall appear on the previewed image (Due to different browsers, the visual effects maybe vary).

3. Drag and resize it to the position that you need to add hyperlink.

4. Paste your entire hyperlink to URL field, make sure:
a. http:// is included;
b. no spaces at the beginning nor end of the link. Click “Insert” button.

5. Define properties if you want by filling other fields. Click “Update Area” button, and click “OK” button and done.