How to assign user rights in Spread Email Marketing System?

As the business develops, are you feeling more and more difficult to do all your work on your own? Do you hope to authorize other Spread users to share with your email marketing job?
Spread Email Marketing System developed this Authorization function for your consideration, just need 2 steps, to finish the setting!

Step 1. Add New User

Login to your Spread Email Marketing account, click My Account→User Management, type in the email address you'd like to add (which should be an existed Spread user). Then, select different roles for your new user, there are 3 options to choose and rights for each role varies. The user will be shown in the Current User list when finish adding.

add new user

Step 2. Assign Rights to New User

Choose the user you'd like to set, lick "Edit" in the "Role" option, you will see some detailed options to choose then. the rights for the new user depends on your needs.For instance: View All Campaigns enables new user to view all your campaigns; View Email addresses makes new user to view all your clients email addresses; View Usage Report makes your new user to check the usage of email credit of primary account; Upload Emails means the new user will be able to upload new emails; Send Campaign authorizes new user to send campaigns independently. Click "Update" right side after finishing assignment.

assign rights to new user

How to assign users to campaigns?

There is another way to set the emails besides the way mentioned in the step two.

set emails new user could view

Login to your Spread account, click "User Rights" under Emails/SMS menu, select a new user, then tick on the emails you'd like to show, click "Add".

How to switch between different user accounts?

In the upper left corner of the your Spread account, select the desired user account from the drop-down menu, and then click "Go" to switch without exit.

switch to other account

What different roles are there for Basic User, Email Marketer, and Aministrator?

When logging in to Spread account, basic user could see the information below as image shows:

info the basic users could see

In contrast,what Email Marketers can see will be 4 options more than basic users:

info the Email Marketers could see

The rights for Administrator role will be the same as the primary account, you can assign different rights as you need.