How to Create a Custom Email Signup Form

Want to create a custom email signup form to invite visitors to sign up? Spread email marketing software and service can help you to create and send custom email signup forms to users based on the existing "Custom Signup Form" feature. It takes just a few minutes to generate and build a custom email signup form in Spread. Now, let's start!

Step by Step Guide to Build a Custom Email Signup Form:

Learn how to use Spread email marketing software and service to create a custom email signup form to invite your customers to sign up.

Step 1: Add New Contact List

Add new contact list to save participators' profiles automatically to your Spread contact list. Name the list as "20th June Seminar".

Add New Contact List

Step 2: Create a Custom Signup Form

Click "get signup form code" then click "click here to get code".

Get signup form code

Then you can find a form below, need give a "form name",say"20th June Seminar"; and 2. choose "20th June Seminar"added before as the contact; 3. fill the "auto redirect form"with the index of your website(in most case) to redirect to your homepage when contacts finish the form, then tick the "Auto Redirect".4. At last click "Next".

create custom form

1.Give a name on "Signup Instruction",say"20th June Seminar", 2.then fill in the title below, say"20th June Seminar" and the title will appear at the top left corner. 3.Finally, you could edit the Sign up instruction form to inform contacts the event, time and location.

signup instruction

Select the profiles you want to obtain, "Display" means options, "Required" means they must fill in.

required fields

You will find "more" below the Required fields, click it and you could create more options by using "custom field":


Fill the successful sign-up message below and them click "next":

successful sign-up message

You can design a "Auto Replied Letter"that will send to all the participators who have successfully signed up,you should 1. fill the subject,2.complete the content, "finish".

auto replied letter

Step 3: Get Code and Insert Hyperlink

When you see a page below, 1. click "get code", then you will find a "Sign Up Form Link"below,2.copy the link.

get code

Edit your email,1.write some words like"click here to sign up", select the words "insert hyperlink"

click here

1.Paste the "Sign Up Form Link" you'd got in "Get Code"Step to the URL blank.2.Click OK.

Insert Hyperlink

Choose contacts in the next step and send your email. Then you can check the comprehensive report on the click-through rate,when someone signed up the siminar, they will be added to the "20th June Seminar"contact list automatically.