Integrate Reasonable Spread with Your Facebook Fan Page

Use Reasonable FanClub to create a Facebook welcome page and make it as a landing page for collecting visitors’emails who like your page.

Did you know?

89% of your visitors to your Facebook Page will never return to your page to get your updates. Instead they will watch your updates through their home page feed. Make sure and capture their interest and contact details during their very first visit to your page. This is why we develop Reasonable FanClub – a professional Facebook application that can help you create and edit Facebook page for your business and collect email addresses from your Facebook fans when they hit the “Like” button.

How to?

In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to create a really cool welcome page and then set it as a Landing Page that first time visitors to your Facebook Page are automatically directed to. Beyond all that, the most important part is to learn how to convert your Facebook fans into paying customers.

How to create a page on Facebook for your business?

1) Already got a Facebook account? If not, please sign up one.

2) Click the option “Create a Page” at the bottom of Facebook page to start. Or, click here to initiate your Facebook business page creation.

3) Choose a category for your page and type out the “Name” for your page.
Note: You must be careful in naming your page, as it is PERMANENT and will be seen within the actual URL of your Facebook Page. If you have 100 or more fans for that page, the name can never be edited.

4) Your Facebook page is born!
You can start customizing your page info such as profile picture, about section, likes showcase, page title & category, page body, administrative links. Click here for detailed tutorial from Facebook.
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How to install Reasonable FanClub on your Fan Page?

1) Install Reasonable FanClub on your Fan Page.
To install Reasonable FanClub, you can use Facebook search function to find "Reasonable FanClub",  or please click below button to access the application page on Facebook:
Add Resonable FanClub

2) Now click the Add Resonable FanClub button to add it to your fan page.
Add Resonable FanClub to My Page

3) The Reasonable FanClub app should now appear on your Fan Page.
Edit Setting
Click on the “Edit Settings” and you’ll get this popup dialog:
Edit Setting
Tab: If it says “Available (add)”, click “add” to add it to your navigation; if it says “Added (remove)”, you’re set;
Custom Tab Name: You can override the default tab name by entering a new name in this field, up to 32 characters, and then clicking “Save”.
Click “Okay” to save your change.
Edit FanClub Settings
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How to use Reasonable FanClub to set up your Facebook welcome page?

1) ClickReasonable Fan Clubicon to reach the editing page.

Edit Setting

2) Click Edit Fan Page link to set up contents.

Edit Fan Page

3) Edit your Fan Page content.
Your default content should have a call to action where it tells the viewers to click Like, possibly by using something like an incentive, discount, or exclusive content.
Edit Default Content
Your reveal content should provide your new fans with whatever you were offering, such as something to download, a discount code, or a link to the exclusive content. You might also want to thank people for liking your page.
Edit Revealed Content
Field in “Post to fan’s wall” details including message, picture, name, and link.
Post to Fan's Wall
Save email address and profile to Spread.
Note: Email addresses and profile are stored to contact list called “Facebook fans” by default.
Save Email Address

4) Now, click "Save" button when everything is done.
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How to capture your fans' email addresses and turn them into customers?

When people first visit your Fan Page, they can see your default landing page like this:
Default Fan Page

When they click "Like" button, they will be prompted to the Request for Permission window, once clicking "Go to App" , they will become your fans;
Request for Permission
You will see the options below next step, when they choose "Allow", you will be able to post information on their behalf :
Default Fan Page

When becoming your fans, they will be able to see your revealed page contents. Besides, their email address will automatically go to your Spread contact lis.
Facebook Fans

After getting your fans' email addresses into your Spread e-mail marketing account, you can use Spread to provide value to your fans and convert them into paying customers at the appropriate time.
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