How to Create an Email Questionnaire or Survey

Want to create an email questionnaire/survey to get instant and informative customer feedback on your business? Spread email marketing software and service can help you to create and send survey questionnaires to users based on the existing "Newsletter subscription box" feature. It takes just a few minutes to generate and build email questionnaires, surveys, forms, polls, and quizzes in Spread. Now, let's start!

Create an Email Questionnaire or Survey with Spread:

Step by Step Guide to Build an Email Questionnaire or Survey

Learn how to use Spread email marketing software and service to create an email questionnaire to get opinions & feedback from your customers.

Since some email clients, such as Hotmail or Outlook, don't support for HTML forms, please carefully consider the use of questionnaire forms in HTML email. However, you can handle this problem intelligently by uploading your HTML questionnaire email to our server, and creating a hyperlink to it, so that the subscribers will be able to click the link to take your survey in their browsers.

Step 1: Generate an HTML Email Questionnaire Form

Login your Spread account, navigate to Contacts > Get sign up form code, and click on Click here to Get Code.

Get HTML Code

Choose target contact list from the drop-down list:
Get HTML Code

Hit Get Code button to get HTML codes shown below:

Step 2: Add an Extra Line of Codes to the end of Multiple <input> Tags

Add an extra line of codes <input type="hidden" name="embed_field" value="True" style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" /> to the end of multiple <input> tags. It will allow submission of other fields except email.

Email doesn't support Javascript, so you need to delete the first line of code <script src=""></script>

These codes onsubmit='return checkMail()' also need to be deleted.

Step 3: Add Email Questionnaire Contents and Revise HTML

Spread supports the following extended fields:

first_name, middle_name, last_name, job_title, company_name, phone, Address1, address2, address3, city, state, country_id, post_code, fax, web_url, title, isMale, date1, date2

custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5, custom6, custom7, custom8, custom9, custom10, custom11, custom12, custom13, custom14, custom15

Some general questions can be stored in the custom fields. For example:
Question1: Are you satisfied with our service?
1)Very satisfied 2)Fairly satisfied 3)Satisfied 4)Unsatisfied 5)Very unsatisfied

You can add codes like this:
<div>Are you satisfied with our service?
<input id="Question1_level1" type="radio" name="custom1" value="level1"/>Very satisfied
<input id="Question1_level2" type="radio" name="custom1" value=" level2"/> Fairly satisfied
<input id="Question1_level3" type="radio" name="custom1" value=" level3"/>Satisfied
<input id="Question1_level4" type="radio" name="custom1" value=" level4"/>Unsatisfied
<input id="Question1_level5" type="radio" name="custom1" value=" level5"/>Very unsatisfied

If you have some knowledge of the HTML, you can revise the HTML code to better meet your needs. After adding above codes and doing some HTML changes, the new HTML codes will show like this:

When you embed above HTML into your email, it will display like this:

Satisfaction Survey for Reasonable Spread!
Please input your email address:
Are you satisfied with our service? Very satisfied Fairly satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied Very unsatisfied

Step 4: Get Email Questionnaire Answers and Reports

When your email subscribers submit their questionnair/survery answers, you can find them in your Spread account under individual contacts.

Custom Field

Or, you can export all the questionnair/survery answers to CSV file format.

Export Questions

If you have problems with creating an email questionnaire or survey, please contact us.

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