How to Upload Contact Lists to Your Spread Account

In your email marketing activities, you may need to upload contact lists from your computer, but how? This tutorial guides you to make it!

Step 1: Create a new contact list

Login on to your Spread account,click"Add or import" under "Contacts" menu.1.If you are new here, you can add a new contact group for your new contacts.


2.Certainly you can choose an existed group for your new contacts.


Step: 2: Add contacts or upload contact list

Choose your Excel format contact list,for non-English characters, please upload contact list in .xls format, because .csv or .txt format may generate encoding issues. Then click "Upload".


You've finished uploading your contact list to your Spread account when you see the words below. You could click "contact list" to check your new contacts, if the No. of the contacts shows "0", don't worry, the system needs time to update your data.


If you want to add new contacts manually,you can choose "Text box: (enter email address and contact information per line)", but this function is not recommended when you are going to upload large information quantity.Select header fields, e.g. Name, Company Name, Email Address, etc.Then type in the corresponded information,separate them with comas",".Click "Upload" at last.