How to use Spread Version5.0 to do Mobile Email Marketing?

After a struggling period of development,Spread V5.0 is on its OBT stage, try beta version @,login now with your Spread ID&password, your patient suggestions& advices are warmly welcomed!

Spread team found it huge potential at the beginning of the wave of mobile devices attributed to the superior vision of Alan, founder of Reasonable Software House Ltd., and decided to do something for the mobile users. We optimized operating interface of V5.0 to be more humanity.

Inside multiple edit boxes is the most significant feature, here is how it works:desktop version will be sent as the default version at the first time, Spread then record the open device of contacts every time, send the right version according to the latest open device next time.

Following are guides on using Spread V5.0 Email Marketing System:

1. How to create a new campaign?

Vist ,login to your Spread account, click "Create Email" on your default page.
create new campaign

2. How to choose contact list?

Click "Choose List" after the blank, choose list,you can select more than one list.

3. How to use Spread Template?

Click "use Spread Template", then choose from the categories popped out, there are more than 50 templates free to use. If you need to use your own template, just click "Upload Zip Creative" to upload.
choose a template

4. How to add "Reply-to"?

The "Reply-To" line will pop out, when you click "Add Reply-to" in the from line. Choose the right address in the drop-down list. Be aware that the "reply-to address" must be the same as the "from email address".
add reply-to email address

5. How to switch between HTML& WYSIWYG edit box?

Spread provides you with HTML& WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) edit boxes. To switch between them, just click"Design" or "HTML" when editing your email.
switch edit box

6. How to use multiple edit boxes?

a. Click "Add Creative" at the left down side of editing page.
double edit boxes
b. You'll be redirected to the page below, select "Target Device" to switch to different email version.
target device

7. How to name your campaign?

Click "Edit" behind "Name" at the bottom left of the edit page, enter a new name, then click "Save". The name is only for internal use, so your contacts won't see it.
name your campaign

8. How to use "Schedule"?

Click "Schedule" at the upleft of the editing page, it will be directed to the bottom left to schedule a date. Just click"open the calendar popup" to choose a day.
schedule a date
Certainly, you can also click "open the time view popup" to schedule the exact time.
schedule a time

9. How to use "Trigger"?

a. Click "Trigger" at the upleft of the editing page.
b. You will be directed to the bottom left to set a triggered time.

Besides the two edit boxes, you still can add more edit boxes to do A/B test by clicking "add creative".

We always do things right from your stand, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any advice or suggestion!