Manage Contact Lists

You can manage your contact list in the tab Contacts.

Create contact list:

  1. At the tab Contacts, Click Add or Import
  2. Enter the contact list name, Click Next.
  3. Add or Import: enter the email address in each line or you may import from a file (excel, csv, txt).
  4. Click Description, enter your description to your contact list.

    Important! Your emails must be permission based, You CANNOT import emails:
    - Bought from third parties.
    - Which will automatically forward to other emails.
    - Search randomly from the web by software.

Export Contacts:

  1. At the tab Contacts, Click Export
  2. Check the Contact Lists you would like to export.
  3. Check the fields you want.
  4. Click the Export Button.

Edit contacts:

Click on the desired contact list. You can add, delete or filter the email within the contact list.

- Add/Import: enter the email address by hand or browse for an email list file from your local drive. Then click Add.

- Delete: Select contacts' email and press Delete. Contacts will be removed from the current contact list only.
- Permanently Delete: Select contacts?email and press Permanently Delete. Contacts will be delete permanently from your account.

- Filter: filter subscribers?email by choosing a time interval or type in keywords in Contacts?Emails
- Edit subscribers: Click the contact's email to edit.


View contact lists:

You can view the list by choosing time interval or different opinions:

- View all contact lists

- View all but deleted contact lists

- View active contacts

- View invisible contacts

- View deleted contact lists


Delete contact list:

  1. Check the check box before the name of contact list.
  2. Press Delete