Manage Emails

You can manage everything about Email Campaign in the Emails tab.

Emails List:
There are several columns of the table you need to know:


- Draft: The email is not been launched yet because it is not ready to be sent.
- Deleted: The email is deleted.
- Waiting: The email has been launched and waiting to be sent. This status only last for several minutes.
- Sending: The email is being sent out. This status may last for half hour.
- Pause: The email has been launched but suspended.
- Sent: The email sending process is completed.

Sent: Number of emails sent.
Opens: The open rate of email.
Clicks: The click through rate of email.
Bounces: Number of undeliverable emails.
Span Reports: Number of contacts reported that your emails are spams.
Unsubscribed: Number of contacts unsubscribed.
indicates the email is published to your News Archive. (Please refer to section My Account > Settings for details.)

Click into the columns Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Spam Reports and Unsubscribed to enter the Report page.
In the Report page, you can click the link Fields Filter on the right hand side to add or remove columns from the table.

Note: You need to refresh the page to see the effect.

Create emails:

  1. In Emails/SMS tab, click Create Email.
  2. Enter the name of email, click Next. The email will be saved as Draft.
    Note: email name cannot be duplicated.
  3. In Template and Style, you can choose a template for your email.
    If you don抰 want to use any template, click Skip & Next or choose Blank template.
  4. Fill in or select the Display Name, Email From, Reply-To, Subject and the Content of the email campaign. Then Click Save & Next.

    Additional Features:
    Insert Image:
    • If the image is located on WEB:
      1. Put the cursor in the position where you want to insert an image.
      2. Click the button in the editor.
      3. Input the URL of the image in the image source, then click OK.
    • If the image is located on your computer:
      1. Put the cursor at the position where you want to insert an image.
      2. Click the button in the editor.
      3. Click the Browse button and select the image in your computer. Then, click the Upload button.
      4. Select an image in the gallery, and click the Insert button.
    • Note: You can skip step 3 if your image is already in the gallery.
    Add Personalized Fields: Reasonable Spread can merge your email content with subscribers' information such as first name, email.
    Place the cursor where you want to add personalized field, then select the personalized field you want to add.
    Permission Reminder: Add headers to emails to remind your contacts why they receive your emails.
    Clear Spam-suspected HTML tags for me: Check this box to clear unnecessary html code to lower the spam score of your emails. It will decrease the chance of being classified as spam. It removes the content in the tag <script></script>.
    Preview Campaign: Preview the email content.
    Send Test Email: Send a Test Email to an email address you specified.

    If you see the link Please verify your email address first. , that means you do not have any verified email.
    Click this link to add verified emails.

    How to add more sender email addresses?
    Go to My Account > Add Sender Emails. For more details, please refer to My Account > Add Sender Emails.
  5. Select contact list which your to send, select them and click Add. Then, click Next
    Note: Every single contact will receive your email once only even if they appears in more then one contact list.
  6. In Email Schedule, you can choose the time to send out your email.
    • You can choose to send it once only. Or,
      Send once a new contact joined your contact list (Can be treated as a auto-responder).
    • Check the box Publish to Public to publish your campaign to your personal News Archive.(Please refer to section My Account > Settings for detail)
      You can also get the URL (What is URL?) of your News Archive and the email message here.
  7. Click Ready to send when you complete. To save it as draft, click Save As Draft 

Edit email:

1.      Click on the name of email

2.      Edit the email.


Note: Emails that already sent are NOT editable.

View/ Copy emails:

Emails are NOT editable and can only be viewed if it was SENT.

1.     Click on the email name.

2.     Everything about this email is shown.

Click Copy & Create to create a new email which is almost identical to your current campaign.
Edit & launch the new email.


Delete emails:

  1. Select the check box in from of the name of emails.
  2. Press the Delete button.

Pause/Resume emails:

You can pause or resume a particular launched email by selecting the check box in front of the email and click Pause/Resume button.


Filter emails:

You can view the email by specify a certain period of time or use the following options:

-  View all emails

-  View all but deleted emails

-  View sending emails

-  View sent emails

-  View waiting emails

-  View drafted emails

-  View paused emails