My Account Settings

In the tab My Account, there are sub-tabs:

Contact Information:
The Information here will be shown at News Archive and your contacts' Subscription Process through our List Builder.

Change Password:
Change your login Password.

Add Sender Emails:
Add more emails to be used as Email From (Sender) of your emails.

  1. Enter Your Email addresses on each line. Click Send Verification Email.
    Warning: Do Not Verify Emails which are not belongs to you.
  2. You will receive a Verification Email at your emails going to be added.
    Click the link Verify in the email. The email address will be added.

Double Opt-In: (What is Double Opt-In?)
If Double Opt-In is set to ON.
Your subscribers will receive Confirmation Letters after they subscribed through News Archive, forwarded emails or List Builder.


  • Language Setting:
    The default language of the header and footer of your emails.
  • News Archive:
    All your sending and sent emails will be automatically posted to your personal News Archive if they are set "Publish to Public".
    You can enable/disable or get your URL (What is URL?) of your News Archive here.