Spread V5.0: Mobile Email Marketing

53% higher clickthrough rate for mobile-optimized newsletter, according to a recent survey. The survey results suggest that there is a high demand for mobile content, and it's very important for marketers to design mobile-friendly emails targeted to your smartphones and tablets readers.

Spread V5.0 adds support for multi-version (desktop version & mobile version) edit in one page, and is able to send emails customly according to different open devices. With this new feature, the open rate and conversion rate will get increasingly improved. Trial URL: app2.rspread.com.

Is mobile version necessary?

smart phone users

Our recorded data of Smartphone users in 2012:

  • Overseas: almost 40% users read email on Smartphone
  • Hong Kong: average 25% (some clients reported near 35%)

The trend implies:

  • Email marketers may send different offers to this group of users
  • Designers may create suitable version of eDM for mobile email users
  • (consider mobile leads / special landing page etc.)

Which version generates higher conversion?

The email tracking reports show that the Mobile Version wins. Why this wins? We'll let you know. Please email us at spread@reasonables.com (Subject: Questions for Spread Version 5.0)

mobile email vs. pc email

Spread V5.0 New Features

dual email editors

List of new features:

  • Multiple eDM designs (desktop & mobile versions). By default, the first eDM campaign is sent in desktop version and alters according to recepient's latest reading habbit.
  • Optimized "Schedule" email function, and made delivery time accurate to the minute.
  • Optimized "Trigger" email function.
  • "Desktop" and "Mobile" email editors are added, and make it possible to create dual versions and multi versions of email template.
  • Added support for A/B testing.

Spread V5.0 is on its OBT stage, please try beta version at app2.rspread.com using your Spread login account. Any questions or suggestions about this beta version, please feel free to email us. Your suggestions & advices are warmly welcomed!