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Email Marketing Online Tutorial

Learn how to use Spread Email Marketing to start your email newsletter campaigns.

Create your account

Before accessing Reasonable Spread, you have to sign up for an account.
1. Click register
2. In Create a New Account, fill in the relevant information. Then click Register and Sign In Now.
Note: If your email address provided has registered by others already, you have to use a different email address for registration.
3. After completing the form, you can receive an email (which you used in registration) from us. Check and click for verifying the email before getting start.
4. When the verification succeeds, you can start using Reasonable Spread.

Manage your customer lists (Subscription)

  • Create subscription lists
  • Edit subscription lists
  • View subscription lists
  • View subscription lists

Create subscription lists:
In Subscription, you can build your email list in 2 ways:
A. Subscription code links at your company website
B. Add your existing permission-based email addresses

A. Subscription code links at your company website:
In Get Subscription Code, you can collect your subscribers’ emails by generating HTML codes and embed into your website.
1. In Create Page, choose the subscription list which you want to use in collecting subscribers’ emails.
Note: You can type in the return link which will divert to the given URL after customers subscribe your website
2. Press Create Subscription Page, the HTML codes will be generated and you can embed into your website

B. Add your existing permission-based email addresses:
1. Click Subscription, enter the subscription name for the customers group
2. Enter subscribers’ email address in each line
3. Click Add to add the email into your subscription list

Edit subscription lists:
Click on the desired subscription list. You can add, delete or filter the email within the subscription

  • Add: Click Add and enter the email address in each line
  • Delete: Select subscribers’ email and press Delete
  • Filter: filter subscribers’ email by choosing a time interval or type in keywords in Filter Subscribers’ Emails

View subscription lists:
You can view the list by choosing time interval or different opinions:

  • View all subscriptions
  • View all but deleted subscriptions
  • View active subscriptions
  • View invisible subscriptions
  • View deleted subscriptions

Delete subscription lists:
1. Select any subscription list(s) in the check box
2. Press delete

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Manage your email campaign

  • Create email campaign
  • Deliver email campaign
  • Edit email campaign
  • View email campaign
  • Delete email campaign

Create email campaign:
1. In Campaign Management tab, click Create Campaign
2. Enter email campaign name
3. In Template and Style, you can choose sample email template for your campaign
4. Fill in the content of the email campaign. To preview your message, click Preview Campaign
5. Select subscription groups which are going to deliver your email to them, and click Add
Note: every subscriber in the subscription groups will only receive the email campaign once only.
Note: Reasonable Spread will remove any duplicate subscribers in different subscription groups automatically
6. In Campaign Schedule, you can choose when to send the campaign
7. Press Ready to send upon completion. To save it as draft, click Save As Draft

Deliver email campaign:
You can pause or resume a particular sending campaign by selecting the email campaign name. The status will be shown in Campaign Status.

Edit email campaign:
1. Click on the email campaign name
2. You can choose to edit campaign name, template & style, campaign content, send to whom or campaign schedule

View email campaign:
You can view the campaign by choosing time interval or different opinions:

  • View all campaigns
  • View all but deleted campaigns
  • View sending campaigns
  • View sent campaigns
  • View waiting campaigns
  • View drafted campaigns
  • View paused campaigns

Delete email campaign:
1. Select any email campaign(s) in the check box
2. Press delete

Manage your account

In Campaign Management tab, you can click on Options under User Account to manage your account.

  • Contact information: edit your user name or registered email
  • Change password: change login password
  • Add & Verify email: if you want to use another email address to send the email campaign, enter the email addresses per each line and press Send Verification Email. You will receive the verification emails within a few minutes. After receiving the email, you are required to click on a link to complete the verification. You must verify at least one verified email address before sending email campaigns from Reasonable Spread.

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